About Us-Living Naturally

We began


We began in 2000 making soy candles to reduce the soot and toxins in our home.  Soy Candle Cottage was formed in 2005 so we could offer our candles at the local Farmers Market.

Branching OUT!


Experimenting with soy for body products, we added natural soy lotions & creams.  Then we added additional natural items for men: Beard Balm and Shaving Soap

Our journey has been to explore natural alternatives for products we use on our skin and in our homes.  Our findings are enjoyed by our family to ensure we have a good product before releasing it for our customers' use.

Coconut Added to the Lineup


We also make soap from organic coconut oil.  Adding essential oil or fragrance, this is a great body bar.  We also have Activated Charcoal Coconut Soap which is a great complexion bar!